Devops Days Amsterdam 2014- Call for Organizers

One year ago, the meetup group DevopsDays Amsterdam, started by Alessandro Vozza was revived by organizing our first monthly meetups. After solid advice from both Kris and Patrick we started to find people that are enthusiastic about Devops. Next to that we hoped to have enough people to organize a real DevopsDays.

Since then a lot has happened. Not only have we held a DevopsDays Amsterdam 2013 event (which was a big hit!), but we also have grown from 30 meetup members to 350 members. And next to that almost every month we host a meetup with very diverse topics.

This year we will again organize a DevopsDays Amsterdam event. Around the same dates, around the same venue. But this is only the start of it. Organizing an event takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication. It is not difficult, it is just hard work. But it is a load of fun as well.

Therefor we want to reach out to all those beautiful passionate individuals that are willing to join us for this event. Raise money from sponsors, attract attendees, set up the venue, arrange food and drinks, prepare workshops, video and audio, etc. etc. etc.. If you are interested in setting up this great event in 2014, please let us know organizers-amsterdam-2013[AT]devopsdays{DOT}org. The only thing we ask you is to be active as a organizer.

After next months meetup held at Schuberg Philis on 8-jan we will define the organizing committee. It would be great if you are one of them!

Hope to see you at the meetup and hope to see you at all the google hangouts that we will plan in the course of 2014!

On behalf of the organizers,


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  1. So am I to late to help out?

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