The importance of sponsors that stick their neck out

This year we are helping in organizing some events. The most well known ones are Devops Days Amsterdam and CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2013. Patrick deBois already warned us when we organized DevopsDays in spring. Rule #1 get some sponsors for the venue before anything else. If the venue is paid for you have an event. Otherwise it remains a struggle.

Back then Schuberg Philis was willing to step up the plate to carry this risk. But now for Cloudstack Collaboration this is not doable anymore. The amount of money is too big for one or two organisations. And therefor we reached out for sponsors. Even before the event was set in stone.

It is amazing to see the willingness of a lot of companies to help out. Not only in allowing people to spend time on organizing events, but also on donating hard cash. All those companies understand the importance of the seminar we are organizing. Building an Open Source community where developers have easy access to core developers. Exchanging knowledge on cloud computing in its broadest sense. Meeting people that have overcome issues you are about to experience yourself.

And especially for these reasons I want to thank our current sponsors. First of all Citrix. They open sourced CloudStack and they are still supporting this move big time. Next to that Shape Blue, Nexenta, Netapp, CloudSoft, Ikoula, LeaseWeb, Elasticsearch, Apalia, Atom86 and Exoscale.



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