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Who in Open Source plays golf with the CIO?

At the CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2014 in Denver I was given the honour to present the opening keynote on the last day. Of course you stare at a number of people that are suffering from hangovers, but that is a … Continue reading

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Devops Days Amsterdam 2014- Call for Organizers

One year ago, the meetup group DevopsDays Amsterdam, started by Alessandro Vozza was revived by organizing our first monthly meetups. After solid advice from both Kris and Patrick we started to find people that are enthusiastic about Devops. Next to … Continue reading

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CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe

At Schuberg Philis we aim high. We aim at mission critical application infrastructures that businesses and societies rely on 24×7 a day. Not only from an uptime and performance perspective, but also from a flexibility perspective. Customer needs are changing … Continue reading

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The importance of sponsors that stick their neck out

This year we are helping in organizing some events. The most well known ones are Devops Days Amsterdam and CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2013. Patrick deBois already warned us when we organized DevopsDays in spring. Rule #1 get some sponsors … Continue reading

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Game Day Exercise

Game Day Exercise – Schuberg Philis Game Day (aka DR Test) Scenario The emphasis of this years’ Game Day Exercise (DR test) was on three major items. First of all we needed to know if the new employees that joined … Continue reading

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Cloud Expo Sillicon Valley – Delivering Mission Critical Workloads to the cloud

Yesterday (7-nov) I was given the opportunity to speak at the cloud expo by Shannon Williams (VP Market Development, Cloud Platforms). As you probably have read in my previous posts, our cloud is ready to rumble. Hence, the perfect timing … Continue reading

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R&D in the cloud makes you wonder

1 year ago… Cloud is a hype. Cloud is a different word for the almighty internet. Dont believe the hype ( Definitions are not that important etc. etc.. We started to investigate. Eucalyptus, Open stack, Cloudstack and others. Cloudstack (former … Continue reading

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We have our own Cloud AS!

as-name: SBPCLOUD-AS descr: Schuberg Philis B.V. Can we fix it? Yes we can. Mission Critical goes cloud. Bunch of happy campers here at Schuberg Philis. Later this week more on the generic status of our Mission Critical Cloud.

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Beyond the Dev and Ops Marriage

Last week was on of the best weeks lately. Arranging an event is easy if you have three months till deadline. Last week however you get the feeling you are forgetting stuff.┬áLuckily we didn’t. Devops day started the day before … Continue reading

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Here it is: The beta mission critical cloud!

Not even two months ago we said during the SBP summit that we would like to have a “Mission Critical Cloud”. We said we would like to have bold goals. We said we wanted to make the difference. 8 weeks … Continue reading

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