Here it is: The beta mission critical cloud!

Not even two months ago we said during the SBP summit that we would like to have a “Mission Critical Cloud”. We said we would like to have bold goals. We said we wanted to make the difference. 8 weeks later we have a beta environment that is soft launched.

We worked hard to get here, but this is truly great to see. Started with a vision about cloud technology for enterprise customers. Aimed to achieve speed and flexibility. Aimed to shorten the timeframe in the beginning of projects. Aimed for developers that can create dev environments when ‘they’ want them. Aimed for resource ballooning. Today the team pulled it off.

We talked to numerous vendors. What do we do with storage? Classic EMC, Netapp, HDS (BlueArc), 3PAR (HP), Gluster, Nexenta? What do we do with Firewalling? How do we secure the place? What do we do with Load Balancing? Virtual or Physical? F5 or Cisco? And notonly that. What do we do with our service offering? How do we stitch this into our current service offering? Can we work with a ‘standard’ but mature portal? Or do we need a SBP flavored one?

We not only answered most of those questions, but we also built a truly amazing cloud environment. Over the next days we will polish the environment and then we will use it to replace approx. 50 old servers.

Benefits from day one. Less energy consumption, less heat generated, better scalability. We will use the beta cloud to learn how this thing behaves. Key knowledge in the next step. The non beta mission critical cloud. With not only IaaS, but PaaS as well.

Proud as a Peacock.

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2 Responses to Here it is: The beta mission critical cloud!

  1. Eclectiqus says:

    Sounds nice, suspect it will be excellent. Keep pushing the envelope guys! Are you using Chef to manage it?

  2. aeriks says:

    Yup, Chef server in the admin layer. So far so good. Btw Jenkins will be part of the solution as well.

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