European Cloud Conference, what’s in it for us?

Last Wednesday we visited the European Cloud conference. Main driver for Schuberg Philis was to see what the main issues in Europe are to become ‘Cloud Active’. The agenda was rather clear, what will the cloud bring for the European economy, how will the rules of the game evolve and how do we fund all the r&d that is needed to get ahead of the game?


The difference in knowledge about and tangibility with the cloud in the panel was obvious. Strategy, education, legislation vs where do we stand with standards, what is currently happening in the field, how do you approach media consumption and media creation? What about data portability and integrity?

The cloud for you and me is happening for a while now. SMB’s and start ups create jobs over and over by using cloud in their business models. They are changing economy by using the internet as we speak. Every day. Joe Baguley said it nicely by naming ruby as the new latin. We need people that can mold, combine, present, order the ever changing world of data.

For us the conclusion is that we are cloud active already. Our beta mission critical cloud is up and running internally and in testing phase. We are far with ideas about opening up this cloud for the benefit of Europe and SBP. For us it will create jobs for sure, but by giving our customers and future customers a head start as well, they will create jobs as well. No doubt about it.

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