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The mission critical cloud aka McCloud

And of we go. Yesterday and today we talked, designed and scoped a lot. And the development of release 1 is started. The PoC is finalized. We have learned a lot. Openstack is great with all it options. Great with … Continue reading

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Beyond the dev and ops marriage

Beginning of this month (see previous post), we worked with customers and partners on joint goals. We all know that these things are easily said. But not easily done. Peter Drucker says: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. John Allspaw mentioned … Continue reading

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We will start building “The Mission Critical Cloud”!

After only a few weeks of investigation, proof of concepts of Cloudstack, Openstack, Chef, and all the other buzzwords and sexy products we give it a go. In a few months time we will not be offering only public clouds, … Continue reading

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(EPC) European Cloud Partnership

Just got my invite from the European Committee for the European Cloud Partnership. Exiting times ahead! We truly believe that the cloud in its current shape is great. It is full of possibilities and new adventures. But we are only … Continue reading

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Which open source cloud product is the base for the mission critical one?

Openstack¬†or Cloudstack? Which product will it be. Or will it be an evolution of the infra deployment software we have written ourselves? Three weeks ago we started a PoC. The goal is simple:”Push button deploy of infra with the basic … Continue reading

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Here it is: The mission critical cloud

At my¬†company, Schuberg Philis we do things for a reason. And it better be a darn good reason. We believe that happy customers are the norm. That is not something special. We believe that doing good is the standard. We … Continue reading

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