The mission critical cloud aka McCloud

And of we go. Yesterday and today we talked, designed and scoped a lot. And the development of release 1 is started.

The PoC is finalized. We have learned a lot. Openstack is great with all it options. Great with the speed of the community, but not there yet if you take a look at our needs. Cloudstacks maturity, its open caracter an the learning curve of our team gave them a head start.

Our first production worthy cloud will be based on this product. Coming days we will start designing a Layer3, a rack diagram (as a basis for future pods), an information flow, a self service portal. The architecture is not finalized yet, but we are getting close. Xen and ESX as hypervisors, probably we start with open source storage concept (yes, we bypass Netapp, BlueArc, EMC for a reason in this stage).
Looking at the datacenter setup, things are clear already. We start withdual datacenter active active. We do not want outages that heroku suffered last period. Hell yeah, we are mission critical for a reason. Datacenters connected via CWDM.

Next thing is to set up a nice sprint. Jira is ready, the team is created. Tomorrow we’ll break up the epics in stories and tasks. We will burn like crazy the next weeks.

Its a bold goal. Building a cloud in only 4 weeks. But if you aim at nothing……

Keep you posted

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