Beyond the dev and ops marriage – Part II

And we have lift off. Two great speakers have said yes. and will be talking at Topic is clear. The exact names of the talks are not.

We as a mission critical outsourcing provider guarantee 100% uptime. As an outsourcing provider there is always a separation between the development parties (Customers and PArtners) and Schuberg Philis. Our way of working is to embrace those parties as if they were Schuberg.

That is an easy thing to say, but sometimes it is hard work. See Kris’s talk about werewolves vs vampires is clear about it. Sometimes the first focus is flexibility vs stability. The first focus should be the combination of those two. Hence the need to spent a lot of time together. We all know it, we only do not live it.

This event will be great. Really looking forward to it. Btw did I mention the java master Spark404 will help me organize the event?

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