Beyond the dev and ops marriage

Beginning of this month (see previous post), we worked with customers and partners on joint goals.

We all know that these things are easily said. But not easily done. Peter Drucker says: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. John Allspaw mentioned it in his talk about post mortems. Creating a culture of jointly doing things is plain hard word. Nevertheless it is not hard. It is just plain hard work.

Why do you have dev and ops in the same room when the issues are already there! Why do you give devs information when they ask for it and not all the time (automated). The answer is often easy but confronting. I do not know them and i do not trust them. But think about it. No one comes to work to do a bad job. All of us want a customer with a smile on his face.

Lets see if we can organise a great event for partners, customers, colleagues and future collegues. Beyond the dev and ops marriage. Thats sounds like the right title for this event.

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