Here it is: The mission critical cloud

At my company, Schuberg Philis we do things for a reason. And it better be a darn good reason. We believe that happy customers are the norm. That is not something special. We believe that doing good is the standard. We believe that being proud about your work is something you should grow in your company.

Last week our entire ‘system’ spent three days together. The entire system is, customers, partners, contracters, all our staff. We worked together to define our next purpose in live. We had fun together and we talked about the dreams we have.

The vibe that this created is great. It fits the goals we try to achieve ourselves. Building a Mission Critical Cloud. A system that is there for the business of our customers. A system that is flexible. A system that is robust. A system that is reliable. A system that is transparent. And all of this with great people who build everything there minds can think of and with fun people that are extremely nice to be around with.

Bring it on.


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