R&D in the cloud makes you wonder

1 year ago… Cloud is a hype. Cloud is a different word for the almighty internet. Dont believe the hype (http://www.lyricsdepot.com/public-enemy/dont-believe-the-hype.html). Definitions are not that important etc. etc..

We started to investigate. Eucalyptus, Open stack, Cloudstack and others. Cloudstack (former cloud.com) became open source (apache) and by doing so they lost the nickname Loudstack. For us as a company a whole new point of view opened up. What if shared resources isnt scary in some environments. What if flexibel resources are the driver between innovation for our customers? MongoDB Proof of Concept? Tridion PoC? Whatever PoC? instead of buying hardware for this PoC and loosing money and time, now you have the servers the next day. You use them to your convenience and after that they go to the shredder.

And not only on an innovation level this cloud is gold. What if we provide a cloud that delivers 100% uptime. Totally different than Amazon, Heroku and others. Whatif we can provide a cloud that doesnt suffer from Safe Harbour(tm) discussions. A cloud that is 100% european, 100% dutch and 100% available. A cloud that is as secure as physical environments that we host? Believe me, this can be true.

After we released the beta cloud last month we are so confident that we can pull this off, i am even confident writing in public about it. Of course we will make mistakes. Of course we will pay our learning money. Of couse deadlines will haunt us sooner or later. But isnt that the fun part of this game? Being ahead of the pack? Putting your cards on the table before the game is over?

In a few months time we will find out if we were to arrogant or that we pulled this one of.  if it ist he first i’ll promise i’ll write about our f…k..up of the century. If not you will hear about anyway. The outcome is important. But for now I am enjoying the moment that we said yes to an investment that is needed to make this dream come true. A lot of people are sticking their necks out. And that is more than I imagined one year ago.

Btw we need help building this thing. You’r always welcome at our hackatons ( the first one is about to be announced (hack along)) or at our office (old fashion bribery with food and drinks)


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